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35. INGLÉS (todos los niveles del Marco Europeo)
Inglés (todos los niveles del Marco Europeo)
6 de enero 2021
SOFT SKILLS: How to run effective meetings
6 de enero 2021

SOFT SKILLS: Communication & Presentations



20 horas


Communication is the human ability and capacity through which we can establish relationships, not only workwise but also socially. One of the strategies necessary to carry out this skill with ease is the mastery of oral and online presentations, meeting etc. Communicating is, and always has been a crucial tool in professional development and more so today. In this day and age that we are currently living in, technology has become the main focus of communication and it goes without saying that the ability to convey your message effectively could lead to a make or break situation.

This course is aimed at preparing attendees to successfully perform meetings, presentations and negotiations, be it face to face or online in English language. The purpose of writing emails has changed drastically, and it is critical to develop the ability to transmit the right message. This course will enhance your writing skills.

Being able to present efficiently not only boosts your confidence but also helps to convey the message more effectively, which in turn will create a platform for a successful formula.

This training course is designed to be very practical and simple to use, yet hands on, through the provision of a range of practical activities thereby equipping the attendees with the necessary tools needed to become more productive, confident and successful in every aspect whilst communicating in English language.


Application Requirements: Any person, employee, manager, middle manager who has a B2 level or higher can apply for this course.

Cualquier persona, directivo, mando intermedio o empleado que cuente con un nivel B2 o superior


Why should I choose this course?

  • Quick responses from your tutor – within 24 hours.
  • Easy and practical platform to use.
  • Improved written skills through case studies, essays, emails etc-Personally corrected by your tutor and forums where you can express your opinions about interesting current affairs issues in the world.
  • Learn the latest vocabulary and Acronyms for online meetings.
  • Very Interesting videos to sharpen your all- round communication skills, packed with useful vocabulary and ideas that will boost your confidence and enhance your ability to become a better communicator.
  • Videos to watch before every on-line class to simulate your interest.
  • Online classes where you can interact with other students, engage in interesting conversations and practise speaking.
  • Practical exercises to do as many times as you like at your own convenience with instant answers.
  • Excellent reviews from other attendees.

Modalidad y Duración

  • 20 hours of duration with the following distribution:
    • Online-training: 12 h
    • Virtual Classroom: 8 h
  • 20 horas de duración con el siguiente reparto:
    • Teleformación:12 h
    • Aula Virtual: 8 h
  • Platform, contents and tutorial system adapted to Fundae Bonuses with access to:
    • Multimedia content.
    • Additional Resources
    • Debate Forums
    • Assessment tests
  • Teleformación: Plataforma, contenidos y sistema tutorial adaptado a Bonificaciones de Fundae con acceso a:
    • Contenido Multimedia.
    • Recursos Adicionales
    • Foros de Debate
    • Pruebas de evaluación
  • Virtual Classroom: within the Virtual Campus there will be direct access to all scheduled video classes as they will all be recorded for viewing at student’s convenience
  • Aula Virtual: dentro del Campus Virtual habrá acceso directo a todas las videoclases programadas
  • Eminently practical course.
  • Curso eminentemente práctico



Module 1- Emailing

  1. Introductory Video-Tells you all you need to know about writing effective emails in a nutshell.
  2. Writing clear and concise emails- attention on grammar, word structure and useful phrasal verbs.
  3. Writing Formal and informal emails.
  4. Writing Intention focused emails-Negotiation vocabulary.
  5. Being polite, diplomatic and tone appropriate to ensure email success.
  6. Ability to write Visually scannable emails- Your reader is easily able to pick out the most important information in your email.
  7. Writing action driven emails- Your reader is clear on what action should be taken.
  8. Practising-Roleplays, listening activities, Correcting email blunders.
  9. Presenting news-using appropriate language.
  10. Writing and structuring effective emails to help maximise impact.

Module 2 -Listening

  1. Introductory video on “How to be a good listener”
  2. How to enhance telephone calls skills.
  3. Dealing with difficult calls and queries-Audio.
  4. Arranging meetings, interviews, making appointments-Audio.
  5. Leaving and taking messages on the phone-Audio.
  6. Activities to sharpen ability to listen for detail-Audio.
  7. Listening to life programs and role plays.

Module 3- Visual meeting and face to face meetings.

  1. Introductory video – stimulating an online meeting.
  2. Mastering the language of on-line meeting. Acronyms, do’s and don’ts. Etc
  3. Introducing visual meetings / conference calls.
  4. Visual meeting expressions and language.
  5. Technical Vocabulary to deal with technological issues and how to avoid misunderstanding during on-line meetings.
  6. Vocabulary to politely give instructions during on-line meeting.
  7. Idiomatic expressions and expressing points of view.
  8. Practising the language of meeting-audios.
  9. Listening extracts addressing meeting discrepancies, being vague/blunt in meeting.
  10. Role plays: reacting to online problems during meetings.



Module 4: Presentation

  1. Introductory video- how to effectively present and hold your audience attention
  2. Help in the preparation, design, planning and developing body and structure of presentations, providing the student with tools that allow them to successfully achieve this communication process and developing professional skills to address an audience.
  3. Using noun collocations and short texts to emphasise how to deal with presentations, pointers on opening, how to start, moving forward, dealing with questions, interruptions, staying on course, disagreements and closing.
  4. Confidently presenting yourself and listing personal information in a coherent order.
  5. How to generate interest in the exhibition and sell ideas by transmitting enthusiasm to the audience.
  6. Techniques to make impacts during a presentation.
  7. Provide verbal and non-verbal resources to enrichen the message.
  8. Practice tactics to combat sudden communication blockages.
  9. Practising small chat: face to face and online.
  10. Practical Audios and videos and case studies to enhance understanding.
  11. Simulation of oral business presentations -Role plays.


February 24 to April 14, 2021

Del 24 de Febrero al 14 de Abril de 2021


El precio de este curso es de 194 €/participante (12 h x 7,5 €/h + 8 h x 13 €/h), que incluye el acceso al campus para realizar tanto los contenidos multimedia como participar en las aulas virtuales.

Este curso es 100% bonificable ante Fundae. Desde BAI ofrecemos realizar la gestión sin coste adicional para la empresa.

NOTA: este curso está exento de IVA.

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    Transferencia a la C/C ES16 0216 0355 7506 0026 3869
    Indicando en concepto: Nombre completo y Curso


    Política de cancelaciones: Una vez cursada la inscripción, en caso de cancelación se aplicarán las siguientes condiciones: con más de 7 días naturales de anticipación al inicio del curso: Sin cargo. Entre 7 y 1 días naturales de anticipación al inicio del curso: Facturación del 50% del coste del curso. En caso de no asistencia o cancelación el mismo día de inicio del curso: Facturación del 100% del coste del curso

    La formadora-tutora


    My name is Bukky, I am from England, London. I studied Business Administration in a business University in London. After that I worked as an Accounts assistant for various sectors before i moved to Madrid, Spain where I have been living for over 10 years now.

    In this period of time, I have been working as a business teacher and coach. I have had the opportunity to work across a large range of sectors, from  Automobile to Ministries , hostelry and  entertainment to mention a few. I have trained more than 4000 professionals from the bottom of the ladder to the very top. Training ranging from management and communication skills to leadership, negotiation, value presentations, emotional intelligence, coaching, time management, creativity, and internal communication. This in turn,  has equipped me with vast  amount of knowledge, technics, methodologies and practical solutions which help to understand the student, the way they think language wise and how to best equip them, which qualifies me for this course.

    In addition to this, I also specialize in all kinds of professional business exams, ranging from First certificate to proficiency Cambridge exams, BEC, TOFEI, etc.